Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lovely Sunday

What a wondeful and productive day it has been! I started my day with some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and decided I want to drink it every day! It is so yummy, refreshing, and healthy.
Then I made a smoothie for Chris and myself to enjoy while breakfast was cooking.
I used: blueberry juice, 2 whole bananas, some frozen strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, vanilla yogurt, and some honey. It was very sweet and my husband loved it :). I used to work at a smoothie shop so I dont really have measurements for these ingredients as I eyeball it most of the time, but I know that  I use about 10 oz of juice if I am making enough for 2 people. If I want it to be thick I will use more frozen fruit and if I want it thin, I use a little less and put more fresh fruit in....its all up to you!

My husband made me a breakfast burrito (I ended up eating 2 of them!) Just some of his special scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. Simple and filling!

Yesterday was our baby shower and we had a great time. We had around 40 guests and it was so much fun to see family and friends mingle. We were showered with so much generosity it was amazing! Little Harmony already has more clothes than her daddy does (which is pretty impressive, daddy has TONS of clothes :-P) I feel so grateful that our families are so excited for her arrival, it makes it all the more exciting for me. 

We had a lot of cleaning and organizing to take care of in order to fit all of this new stuff so we worked on that while we cooked a pot roast. We got the recipe here and it turned out so good! We will definitely be making it again. We got a really nice dutch oven from Chris' parents for our wedding and it has been a lot of fun learning to use it and finding new recipes. 

Now that the day is coming to an end I feel so accomplished and ready to relax! Only 3 weeks left of working and then I can really let my nesting instincts fly!!! 

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

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