Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Harmony - 13 weeks

Dear Harmony,

Yesterday you turned 3 months old! My goodness!! I love how much more alert and aware you are these days. You have been babbling and cooing so much more and really starting to notice me and your father. I love that when I am holding you you look at dad like you want to be with him so badly, but then when I hand you over to him you just look back at me ! You are really funny and sweet and kind of soft spoken. I know a lot of other babies your age have already started laughing, but you don't really laugh much. I feel like you are more of a serious person and you dont just laugh at anything. I'd like to think that makes you intelligent.

This past week was very challenging for both of us! I got a horrible case of allergies half way through the week and I was feeling terrible. I could barely give you the attention you needed and I felt so bad! My head was throbbing and I felt dizzy and weak. Of course this had to happen right when you had your 3 month growth spurt! You were up all night wanting to eat and you were eating for 45 minutes at a time! This is really a lot of eating for you because you usually only like to eat for 10 minutes. I was feeling exhausted and stretched pretty thin. Then dad started to get the allergy bug too, so that wasn't fun. I spent a lot of time on the couch watching Mad Men but you were good to me. You let me get away with it :)

On Saturday we bought you a chair that supports you so you could sit up and it has a tray with a bunch of fun toys on it. I don't think you really appreciate those toys yet but I know you will! Its just cute to watch you sit there and stare at the toys not knowing what the heck you are supposed to do with them. Your curious look is really adorable. The weekend was actually full of fun experiences because on Sunday we took you to California Adventure! We have passes and we have taken you there plenty of times already but this was the first time you reacted to things. We took you on the Little Mermaid Ride and you were shocked and amazed by all of the sounds, colors, lights, and music. I got very emotional because all through my pregnancy, dad and I went to Disneyland so much and we would just fantasize about how much fun it was going to be to have you there with us. This experience was the first time that fantasy really came to life for us and I just cant wait to take you there again. We are going tonight actually and I am thrilled to see how you will react to another little ride!

You are an angel in disguise my little momo. Never change! :-P

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