Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear Harmony - 14 weeks

My dearest lil' momo,

These weeks are flying by! Dad and I have been having so much fun with you this past week! You really are just a breath of fresh air. Even when you start to get uncomfortable or hungry you just let us know with the cutest little squeals and then you smile. I love every sound you make, from the small cough that comes out when you try to laugh, to the cries you let out when you're just wayyy too tired. I'm determined to make you laugh! You are a tough nut to crack little girl. Dad can do it, but I'm still trying my best. I know you just think Dad is the bees knees which is totally okay with me because I think he is too.

This past week your new thing is to grab your feet. You just lie on your back and grab your little toes and pull them up to your mouth. Happy little baby!!! I am still working on have you grab toys so you can bring them to your mouth and you can kind of do it with a lot of guidance, but then you just drop the toy and chew on your hands instead. I sometimes make the mistake of reading too much about development and get worried that you should be using toys more, but then I remind myself that you are going to do just fine. I love that you have an independent spirit and like to spend time on your own. When I try to sing all those silly baby songs to you, you just look at me like I'm nuts! You are just too cool for school.

You are starting to grab onto things more frequently - like my lips and my nose! Last night I pulled you close to give you a kiss and you opened wide and started chewing on my nose! Silly girl! You also have a very strong grip and when you grab my lips its like torture, but I let you do it anyway because I just can't say no to you. The only time you really seem interested in what I'm doing is when I read to you and this makes me so excited. You like it when I read anything to you...children's books or adult, it doesn't matter. I hope you continue to be interested in that because when I was little I was the notorious bookworm of the family.

You had some trouble sleeping this week without your swaddle, but overall it was a wonderful week and I just keep falling more and more in love with being your mommy!!! I love you darling little girl

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