Thursday, June 20, 2013


Reading:  Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.  I probably should have read this book back in high school, but none of my teachers assigned it to me. I also should have finished it months ago since thats when I started reading it! I was given my copy from my favorite teacher my junior year and I never got around to reading it but I have been trying to read all the books I own before I buy anymore. I have quite the library already!! I've also been reading the classic children's books Are You My Mother? and Go Dog, Go! By P.D. Eastman to Harmony every day...she loves the pictures! She smiles every time I turn the page, too cute!

Listening to: Classical, classical, and more classical! Our local classical station here, KUSC, has been playing a special series this week called "The Magical Mystery Tour" and basically every hour they play 3 songs that have to do with a certain location in the world (although one hour they did the moon!) Listeners are encouraged to guess where the tour is at for that hour, it's really fun and interesting.

Working on: My very first first knitting project. I am attempting to knit some mary jane slippers in a really nice deep purple/burgundy color. I really hope they turn out right!

Thinking about: My growing daughter! She is 9 weeks this week and I just can't get over how big she seems already! All of the noises, smiles, and personality that comes from that girl just amazes me and I can't stop thinking about all of the fun times ahead.

Watching: Chris and I always end our day watching an episode or two of the series we are currently hooked on. Right now we are watching Arrested Development (he has never seen the whole thing!) so we can finally watch the 4th season. We are also watching Death Note which is my favorite anime and I have been begging him to watch it with me. We are half way through and he totally likes it just like I knew he would.

Loving: My life as a stay at home mom. I wasn't sure I would like it at first, but I'm really starting to get into a routine of sorts and I'm excited to get more productive in the weeks/months to come. I love being home with my baby and I also love that Chris gets to come home for lunch every day to spend some time with us! Of course, the weekends are my favorite :)

This post was inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet

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