Sunday, June 9, 2013


This month Chris and I decided to set some goals for ourselves and we decided June would be called JUNE BOOM! Our goals are:

1. Stick to our diet - Which just means eat healthier and not out at restaurants!

2. Exercise regularly

3. Journal regularly

4. FINISH A BOOK - We both made the goal at the beginning of the year to finish 25 books by 2014 and it hasn't been going very well for either of us!

5. Finish a knitting project - This one is just for me. I started to learn how to knit while I was pregnant and I got the basics down, I just haven't had the chance to actually try and knit something that I can use yet.

So, it is now the end of week 1 of JUNE BOOM! and I am feeling amazing! I started mediating every day just for 5 minutes at a time. I find it so challenging to just clear my mind, it's something that I have always struggled with, but it definitely has gotten easier over the week. Tomorrow I will start doing it for 10 minutes so we will see how that goes!

I also have been sticking to the exercise goal which is pretty hard with a tiny baby always needing me! In the morning when she has her first nap I make sure I meditate and then do some yoga. If I feel like I have extra time I will do some strength training or pilates before I take a quick shower. Once she wakes up I wont have time to do any of that stuff so sometimes it does feel a little rushed. Im just glad I get to do anything at all! It feels so nice to use my body like that again after my long pregnancy. Also, Chris and I have been taking power walks in the park when he gets home from work with the baby. Its a great way for us to get outside and move our bodies while also getting a chance to talk about our days and just be together.

As for our diet, we did very well this week. We ate tons of salads and fruits and managed to eat all of our produce for the week as well as all of our leftovers! Success!

I have made some progress on my book that I am reading but I did not get to write in my journal or knit at all this week...Guess we can't win them all!

I will be posting about JUNE BOOM! Every Sunday evening this month..

I hope every one had an awesome weekend!

Do you have any goals set for yourself this month or this season? How do you try to stay healthy?

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