Monday, June 24, 2013

Mama Monday #3

Happy Monday!! I have decided that there is just no way I can regularly post on the weekends. I am just too busy spending time with Chris and Harmony to be on the internet. So, onto Mama Monday!
This past week I have been thinking about all of these things that the internet and all of those new parenting books are telling us moms to do these days! There is so much pressure and stress put on new moms about how we should be taking care of our babies. First of all, I think all of the emphasis on interacting and stimulating your baby is a little excessive. Of course you shouldn't just ignore your baby all day, but every baby needs alone time to take everything in on their own terms. I know my parents weren't always entertaining me when I was a baby and I was an early walker, talker, and reader. Same with my husband and his parents. I read on Babycenter groups that I belong to about moms who are feeling guilty because they dont feel like they can provide enough entertainment for their babies all day long when babies are entertained on their own! Every single thing is a new experience to them, they dont need us constantly shoving toys in their faces! We are being told that if we don't interact and do these developmental activities with our babies they will be slow and stupid which is completely not true. These are all new philosophies that our parents and their parents before them didn't take part in and we are all fine! I think this is such a problem because new moms already have so much stress to deal with and all of this stuff just piles up and makes us feel guilty and inadequate and that is the last thing we need at this time in our lives. Follow your instincts. Babies do not get bored! If you continually entertain your baby they will think that is what they need and then they will grow up to be children that need entertainment. I admit in the beginning I felt I wasn't doing enough but my baby is hitting her developmental milestones right as she should be, so I want other moms out there to know YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! DONT STRESS ABOUT YOUR LEARNING BABY! Take time for you and get some food in your body! :) I know this post is probably a little all over the place so sorry about that. I just want to encourage moms to be themselves and take care of your baby the way that feels right to you and stop reading all of these articles that try and make you feel like a horrible mother! Your baby (and your brain!) will thank you. Follow on Bloglovin

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